Jason M Hogle

I am a writer and photographer who finds cathartic relief in every word penned, whether it be digitally or otherwise, and in every photo taken. I am an avid reader consumed with devouring the written word. I believe a camera represents one of the greatest tools we can keep at the ready. I am a naturalist and tree hugger. I am a cat fanatic, a simple ape whose every breath hinges on the satisfaction of The Kids, six cats responsible for untold compassion and understanding and happiness, not to mention a great deal of drama, abuse, and slavery to which I subject myself just so demanding predators can remain content. I am a human who appreciates the complexities of the cosmos, the fallacies of faith, the soundness of science, the misanthropy of aware minds, and the cataclysm of politics. I am me, a simple man with complex thoughts and a complex man living a simple life, someone trying to make my way through the universe without causing too much pain to others along the way.

Head on over to my blog to find out more.
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